Why did we create RAAVAT? ?

Considering that by the Dictatorship, by political, religious and ethnic intolerance, by bad governance by the non-respect of the sovereignties of the States, by famine and climatic problems, the worlds in general and of Africa in particular are filled with violence.That violence has caused, and continues to cause deaths, injuries, raped women, forced displacement of populations, large-scale destruction of the environment. In short of the victims …

Considering that these millions of victims scattered all over the world need to obtain justice, distribution and guarantees of non-repetition, but that their cries have remained inaudible for a long time.Considering that the denial of justice, desensitization to the fate of the other, the loss of values ​​of living together and the sanctity of human life, as well as the disappearance of empathetic knowledge and benevolence often lead to private vengeance thus consolidating the cycle of violence that blocks any momentum of development.

Considering that it bases its action on the recognition of fundamental values ​​as enshrined in:

  • The universal declaration of human rights;
  • The charter of the United Nations;
  • The Rome statute creating the International Criminal Court;
  • The African Charter on Human Rights;
  • The European Charter on Human Rights.


Considering its National, sub-regional, regional, international commitments, in this case:

  • Its support for the permanent International mechanism for combating impunity set up by the Rome Statute, namely the International Criminal Court, as well as its fund for the benefit of victims;
  • Its support for all national, sub-regional, regional or even private initiatives to fight against impunity for international crimes and reparation, as well as those which aim to provide care and support towards resilience byfavor of victims.


Considering the calls for justice, reparation and non-reparation in favor of the victims of international crimes flowing from the 4 corners of our planet; both national and international non-governmental organizations, structures for strengthening care and support for victims, as well as private figures have declared their willingness to work together within the: International Network for Accompaniment  for Victims of Atrocities, ANAVAT in acronym .