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STOP COVID 19 PANDEMIC: Justice and new global health management

For almost a year now, the whole of humanity has been paralysed. Humans everywhere on our planet are living in psychosis and fear, populations are being decimated, the world economy is paralysed because of the virus known as COVID-19.

Faced with the devastation caused by this virus throughout the world, International Network for the Support of Victims of Atrocity (RIAVAT) denounces the lack of reliable communication on the origin of the virus, the progress of scientific research and the content of the vaccine.

The network also criticises the business that is developing around the pandemic to the detriment of the responsibility to protect and provide holistic care for (sick) victims, which should be the priority of world leaders and the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Disorienting and depriving reliable sources of information on the origin, the level of research and the care of the patients it considers as victims, RIAVAT, like many other organisations, cannot help but follow the very serious facts that are becoming clear around this pandemic. It expresses the desire to have information from official sources.

The origin of the virus called COVID-19

As regards the origin of the virus, corroborating sources speak of its manufacture in a well-identified laboratory of a known microbiology research institute which, moreover, has not officially denied the accusations.

These allegations are all the more serious in that they indicate that this is not a disease caused by natural micro-organisms such as tuberculosis, leprosy, seasonal influenza, but rather a disease caused by scientifically modified micro-organisms synthesised in laboratories. In short, a biological weapon designed to kill people.

Faced with this possibility, it is clear that we are witnessing the worst form of human rights violation in the history of mankind and this obviously requires serious and independent investigations.

RIAVAT deplores the fact that to this day the responsibilities of those responsible for the genetic modification and spread of this deadly virus are not being held to account before the whole of humanity.

Research on curative treatment and vaccine

As far as research is concerned, RIAVAT regrets the fact that the surrounding business and strategic positioning is opaque as regards both possible changes to the treatment protocol and the vaccine.

Some protocols are discredited only on the basis of the origin of the country that proposes them, in favour of others, creating a dangerous vagueness in people’s minds.

Moreover, with regard to vaccine research, more and more voices are being raised to denounce dangerous particles in its composition. These are precisely the nanoparticles responsible for immunodeficiency and those of 5 G geo-detection.

This possibility would only aggravate the situation, because even after some kind of control of the pandemic, it will not only continue to cause victims, but above all it will significantly harm the privacy and security of millions of people.

Serious deficits in the care of the sick (victims) and on the responsibility to protect

The age group most affected (the elderly) by the pandemic has not been well cared for, or has been sacrificed altogether. These are serious and culpable shortcomings on the part of some states in their responsibility to protect. There are reports of retirement homes and old people’s homes that have been completely abandoned, exposing people in this group to certain death.

In view of the above, the International Network for the Support of Victims of Atrocity recommends:

  1. To the World Health Organization (WHO) to:

– Establish international opinion on the true origins of this virus;

– Establish international opinion on the treatment protocol that it has approved in these days and on the exhaustive content of the vaccine that will be proposed;

– Meet the above-mentioned accusations, notably on the malicious intent that led to the modification of the virus in the laboratory, and the harmful particles that the vaccine would contain.

  1. To the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC):

– To open investigations into the criminal origins of the virus, and to bring the intellectual authors to justice, in order to ensure compensation for the victims.

  1. To the States and governments of the world to:

– Fulfill their duty to protect, especially with regard to vulnerable people and those in old age who are most exposed to this deadly virus;

– Enforce measures to reduce the spread of the virus while respecting human rights.

  1. To civil society organisations to:

– Examine in depth what is being proposed in terms of treatment, vaccine, care for those affected, policies to combat the spread of the pandemic and denounce risks and abuses, if any.

– Ask for a protocol to be put in place to monitor the accuracy of research and to verify the content of future medications and vaccines both in terms of their composition and their effects on populations.

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Nov 18, 2020 at 09:28 am

I will distribute this information to my fellow scientists